>I was scanning a lot of colour transparencies, some taken up to 40 years
>and found that in some cases the colours had deteriorated badly.  After a
>of experimenting I have developed an automatic way of improving the digital
>scans using gimp.  I have put a technical article, the gimp plug-in, and a
>collection of the good and bad results at
>www.lionhouse.plus.com/photosoftware/restore. I would be interested in
>from anyone who has worked on this problem and if you try the plug-in let
>know how it works for your pictures.

I am in the fortunate position of having a professionally made print, some 20
years old, from a transparency (Kodachrome) some 40 years old, one of very
many!  My first attempt with my new slide scanner was on this same slide, and
hence I am able to see the colour changes over those past years.

I would like to try your restore.py plug-in, and have copied the restore.py
file to the script directory.  However, here I am stuck, as I have to admit
that I don't understand your instructions in step 3!  Could you be so kind as
put step 3 in a more elementary form!  Many thanks,  Alanp

Alanp (via www.gimpusers.com)
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