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> I owe Norman a sincere apology.  At some time in the past a line of code got
> deleted from my plug-in.  (It went through dozens of versions!) This has no
> effect on the restorations with default settings but the "degree of
> restoration" slider does not work properly, especially when the original is
> dark.  Further tests showed that, even with the missing code, it did not work
> as planned.  A setting of 0.0 was intended to leave the original unchanged and
> 1.0 is the "theoretical" correct value.  I have corrected the plug-in and
> fixed several minor bugs in a new version.

No apology needed but thanks all the same. The new version is indeed an
improvement and I will start a new set of tests. When the restore is
complete the new image appears behind the original. Is that always the
case or is it due to the way I have things set up?
> So I am very sorry but some users may have been wasting their time.  I
> suppose if the restorations look good it is not wasted.  I did, of course,
> test the plug-in before release, I just did not test it on a wide enough range
> of images to detect the error.

Time certainly has not been wasted, it is most interesting trying out
different ideas.
> I have put a more detailed document update.pdf on the website and the results
> of some more tests.

A most impressing collection of results.


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