> On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com
> <mailto:j...@jaysmith.com>> wrote:
>     If this issue has not been addressed yet and if I can't find anything in
>     Bugzilla on it, I want to make an Enhancement Suggestion, first on the
>     Gimp-Developer list, then Bugzilla.
>     However, I don't have the quick or convenient ability to check the
>     current status of this issue in the most recent Gimp version.  (I am a
>     "user only" and am not involved in installing such programs.)  I am
>     hoping that somebody who has the most recent version can check this for
>     me.  Thanks in advance.
>     Image > Canvas Size
>     in the "Set Image Canvas Size" dialog
>     in the Layers section at the bottom
>     there are five different possible settings, including None, All Layers,
>     etc. etc.
>     In Gimp 2.6.6 (Ubuntu Linux 8.04) this defaults to "None" and ALWAYS
>     remains none EVERY time I go to the dialog, even if I had it changed to
>     something else on this image or a previous image.
>     I believe that this setting should be remembered a) during the session
>     of editing an image; b) during all sessions editing all images; and c)
>     between sessions of shutting down and restarting Gimp.
>     ?? Can somebody let me know if this has been changed (and is now
>     remembered) since 2.6.6 ?
>     ?? Does anybody think this should not be remembered ?
>     Thanks.
>     Jay

On 03/09/2010 05:01 PM, Dick Smith wrote:
> The behavior is the same on mine. I don't believe that it is a bug,
> but rather a design issue. That's not an answer to your question, but
> it looks like it was designed to do that. If it stayed the way you
> set it up, then every image you'd edit would exhibit the same
> behavior...is that what you really are looking for?
> Dick

Hi Dick,

Based on the way you worded what you said, I am not exactly sure we are
speaking of the same behavior.

I agree that what I am seeing is a design issue, not a bug.  But to a
user it has six legs and runs around on the floor.  ;-)

What I want is that type of setting to "default" to what I last used.
So, yes, I want it to do the same action every time I do that task,
until I tell it to do a different action.

What it is doing now IS remembering a setting (always the same one no
matter what I do) -- what it is remembering happens to be _never_ what I
want to do.  :-(

It seems to me to be more useful to remember what the user does rather
than some setting that the user never uses.

Imagine if you had to sharpen a pencil EVERY time you wanted to use it.
And every time you set it back down on the desk the point completely
disappeared.  ;-)

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