>Taking a GIF file that is in one mode and switching it to another mode (i.e. 
>combine to replace, and vice versa), may cause the GIF not to animate 
>correctly.  Combine style GIF's build up an image piece by piece, and not all 
>layers are the same size.  With Replace style GIF's, each layer is the same 
>size and replaces the previous one in the animation.

>However...I think you could probably change the mode simply by loading it into 
>GIMP, then saving it out in the mode you want.


hey thanks a ton for that !!! finally gave up on the idea of making it soo 
fancy for my first real pic... anyway i did have one last question

i want to now blend my animation with a common background. The gif is almost 
done xcept for the blending in part... coz now my animation plays in a 
rectangular box with the background around it. Is there any way to sort of 
blend the animation layers into the background layer... just kind of lighten 
the edges of the layer so that a lil of the background is seen through... 

again.. i hope i made sense ... i tried using the blend tool.. but none of the 
background comes through .. the box just becomes white around the edges... 

rainman400 (via gimpusers.com)
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