I've tested working with outlines both on and off, and there really isn't much of a difference (other than not knowing my brush size), and I'm using an i7 quad core.

GIMP is great and I'm getting used to it (after moving from Windows to Ubuntu and adopting GIMP instead of Photoshop), and it has some functions that Photoshop should get, but - sadly - Photoshop wins in the category of real-time rendering speeds.  With 600MB of RAM allocated to Photoshop, I was able to have faster real-time rendering than with GIMP (with 3GB of RAM allocated to it).

Simple comparison: An A4 page, 300DPI, open in both applications.  Grab a paint brush and and increase its size considerably.  Paint across the canvas and watch how much GIMP lags; the rendering of the strokes trails the brush, while in Photoshop, it's almost immediate.

This means that system resources play a role, but so does the actual rendering engine inside GIMP.  For web design, you don't notice this, but for DTP, you certainly do.

Apparently, though, this won't change for another few releases.  :(

On 02/03/2011 15:11, Carol Spears wrote:
On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 02:51:08PM +0200, M@thew Green wrote:
I didn't even know you could turn off brush outlines. I took it as a
mini-challenge to see if I could work it out. BTW, to create some context
for my experience I have been using GIMP since 2003, and designing /
"architecting" web sites since 1994. Here's what I found :)

   - I first went to the *brushes dialog* and looked all the options
   (refresh, delete, duplicate, etc). No luck there...
   - I tried right clicking on the *brushes tab* and all I got was a list of
   the other docked tabs (Brushes, patterns, Gradients, Fonts, etc). No luck
   - I then went to the *tools menu* and scanned through the options listed
   there. Nothing.
   - Then I went to the *Preferences dialog box* from the Edit menu.
   Scanning through the sections listed on the left, I first tried tool
   options, Nothing.
   - Then I went to *Google *and typed in "*turn off gimp brush outlines*".
   The second result was the one I chose, a link to chapter 11 of the GIMP
   manual, *Pimp my GIMP*. After doing a text search on the page for *brush
   out*, I scrolled up to see what section of Gimp was being referred to and
   found that you can turn off brush outlines in the *Image Windows *section
   of the *Edit / Preferences *menu.  If you look under *Mouse Pointers*,
   you will see an option allowing you to do this...

Not the most intuitive approach, but I did learn something new about the
GIMP, though :)

i have personally lost touch with the meaning of the word intuitive so 
"intuitive approach" is even less without meaning.

i suspect that the approach was the intuition and the gui is not so intuitive.
familiarity comes by use.

gimp-1.2 on a dual processor is impressive, btw.


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