On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 03:19:01PM +0200, M@thew Green wrote:
> Let's not argue semantics here - you know what I mean :)
> There should be a degree of "the obvious" when interacting with an
> interface. In other words, it should, as far as possible, be obvious as what
> to click on, in order to facilitate some action. This is far from the case
> here.
when mac users started to have an input on things, the order of the 
buttons changed.  [OK][NO] <-- the ones that always get used (whatever
they are now).

it took a very long time for me to change.

now, i have gimp-1.2 again and changing back is no big deal.

i don't think that there is such a thing as intuition, it is what you are
used to or it is not what you are used to.

it is mostly interesting how so many years of gui research and not much 
came out of it.  not really.

it should be interesting to see how long the linux corps support this, 
redhat, fedora, ubuntu and debian.  it seems that only the threat of Apple
being sold to Micro$oft makes the linux "voting blocks" respond.

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