I often get errors when trying to use a filter or script-fu.

For example (on an RGB image) when I do script-fu -> decor -> Stampify
I get two dialog boxes:

GIMP Message:
stampify: the gtk perl module isrequited to open a dialog
window, runing with default values (perl_fu_stampify).

GIMP Message:
stampify: Expected an INT32 got 'RGBA'.  Maybe you meant
'RGBA_IMAGE' instead and forgot to use strict' at
/usr/local/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/stampify line 31(ERROR)

Wow.  I'm using GIMP 1.1.10 on RH6.0.  Have a I forgot to
install some weird lib?


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         /  tisprut productions [tm]


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