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> > >Neither "blow up" nor "stretch pixels" are well-defined terms. What do
> > >mean by them?
> >
> > I would assume that the intended question here is "How do I increase the
> > number of pixels in my image so that the extra pixels are interpolated,
> > rather than simply repeated?"

(just to nitpick, when you blow up an image, the pixels are interpolated,
not repeated. That's why it looks blury. Without anti-aliasing you do get
repitition. What gimp does (more or less) is a simple liniar interpolation
to find out what inbetween colors are. IE if you have a black box on white,
when you double the size you'll end up with a grey line between the black
and white because that pixel would map to between a black and a white

> Exactly.  How do I do that? =)

I think the ting to do is scale up normally, then use something like unsharp
mask to get some detail back. I remember seeing a link (perhaps from this
list) that was to information on unsharp mask and an even better shaprening
filter someone had made.


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