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De : Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Envoyé : jeudi 21 septembre 2000 22:37
Objet : Re: Does this filter exist?

[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-09-21 at 2210.43 +0200):
> > I should also mention that I would scale things up only as a last
> > resort.  If possible re photograph or re scan at a higher resolution.
> Say I have a 640x480 JPG I use for desktop background.  I'd
> like that to be 1152x864.  I can't simply rephotograph or
> rescan it.

Then you are out of luck. Gargage in, garbage out. Pixels can not be
created from the void, only calculated based in the original ones
(calculated, not copied).

If you want extra quality, I would select Cubic in the Scaling entry
of the Environment category of Preferences window, it is slower, but


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