Not sure how to consolidate things.  None of these services is exactly open
to aggregating their content in a single place (and it's not in their best
interest to do so).

With that being said, I suppose there's always the possibility of setting
up a central place for users to congregate.  A forum perhaps? (I've had
good results with discourse for so far).  Though I feel like this
might require an inordinately large amount of time policing and we may not
have the interest/manpower available to handle it. :(  (Not just spam  -
that's already reasonably well handled by default).

Actually, this was also part of an idea I had for transitioning the plugin
registry to something else as well.  I had put this on hold but can
certainly re-visit the idea...

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 12:18 AM Alexandre Prokoudine <> wrote:

> Sven Claussner wrote:
> > Now that we are also on Facebook and Twitter I find a bit
> > inconvenient to check each single social media site for discussions and
> > comments on posts from our eager public relations people.
> > Would it be possible that they are consolidated in a single
> > place?
> How do you expect this to work?
> Alex
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