On  22.1.2016 at 2:05 PM Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 3:20 PM, Sven Claussner wrote:

Having to check and search many posts on FB, G+, Twitter,
mailing lists and forums is a tedious work which easily
gets neglected, especially when you as a coder just want
to code your idea that seems so wonderful. Thus many
chances are wasted.


People have different roles in this project. Programmers don't
habitually check social media for feedback, and schumaml, patdavid,
and me -- people who check social media and maintain accounts -- don't
write GIMP code.

I know. In general I think it leads to better accepted software
(not only GIMP) if developers know about the application domain and the
users' needs. Having the relevant information in one single place
lowers the barriers to get the right information.

It would be a great help if all this feedback was in one place
and we could search it by topic easily

Implementing this is _incredibly_ expensive in terms of both money and
human resources if you want it to be any useful any time soon.

See, I work for a company that provides a social media monitoring
service. Accumulating this kind of information means: [... a lot ...]

Thank you for clarifying this. Indeed I wasn't aware of that.

On  22.1.2016 at 4:00 PM Pat David wrote:
Everything Alex said, but I'll be slightly more optimistic (vs
The idea that you're suggesting is a good one, but the use-case and
implementation is the tricky bit.

Thanks for your positive reply. My first post was just an idea that I
shared for public discussion (some name it 'brainstorm'. I should have
made this clearer).

1. A means for any member of the GIMP team to view a feed of interactions
with the GIMP accounts across various social media platforms?
     (This does _not_ necessarily mean _any_ arbitrary mention of
GIMP, just
the interactions directed towards the official accounts).
     That is, a view of mentions that are publicly visible and directed
towards the official account.

Indeed this was my first thought. I rethought it and would find it
useful to get the relevant information w/o noise, such as new found
bugs, feature requests and meaningful user feedback in one place.
Being able to search this would be a nice plus.
Monitoring everything with the tag #gimp would lead to too many false

A. Should this be a public/visible place for us to view the information?

It could and in an open source project that would be consistent.

B. How would you see yourself interacting with a list of information like

Browsing the information and searching for keywords on demand.

C. Would a web page with a list of these interactions and links work?

For instance or an RSS feed. Sadly Yahoo pipes has gone and I don't
know for sure how its successors work.
As pointed out it's a piece of hard work with unknown results, thus a
small solution could be:
The social network people here just pick up relevant information and
post it at the ML's and then things go the usual ways (discussion on
the ML's, bug report, eventually fixing). The ML's themselves are
already archived and the archives are searchable.



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