Pat David writes:
> First, let me clarify so I understand what you may be proposing:
> 1. A means for any member of the GIMP team to view a feed of interactions
> with the GIMP accounts across various social media platforms?
>     (This does _not_ necessarily mean _any_ arbitrary mention of GIMP, just
> the interactions directed towards the official accounts).
>     That is, a view of mentions that are publicly visible and directed
> towards the official account.

I'm not the original poster, but I'd love to be able to get, say,
the interesting news that shows up on the GIMP Google+ account
without needing to remember to wade through the Google+ website
all the time. For instance, as an RSS feed.

> Let me hack at this and see what I can find. (This is _highly_ experimental
> and just a wild tangent that you've now got me on - so expect nothing to
> come of this).

Looks like there are several services to produce RSS from a G+ page,
but I haven't looked into the Free-ness of any of them, or how
likely they are to stay around.

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