the benefit I expect from such a consolidation would be
using the power of user feedback so we developers would
know better what users need and how our design decisions
and code are seen from the users' points of view. And
getting positive feedback is of course always a joy ;-)
Having to check and search many posts on FB, G+, Twitter,
mailing lists and forums is a tedious work which easily
gets neglected, especially when you as a coder just want
to code your idea that seems so wonderful. Thus many
chances are wasted.

Rethinking it showed me that we're in the field of
social monitoring here.

I thought about some possibilities:
- Access Facebook, Twitter through their APIs.
- Forums: there are many GIMP forums around there in various languages
and therefore I doubt setting up and maintaining yet another one would
be a big benefit. But getting their latest news through RSS/Atom
feeds could be a help.
- Uservoice, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, blogs
and professional press reviews could be other ways of getting feedback.
- There is a social monitoring meta search on the web:
It seems to need some investigation to make it usable for us.
- Here I found more sources:

It would be a great help if all this feedback was in one place
and we could search it by topic easily, perhaps on our website
or somewhere at developer.gimp.org.

On  21.1.2016 at 3:51 PM Pat David wrote:
Actually, this was also part of an idea I had for transitioning the
registry to something else as well.  I had put this on hold but can
certainly re-visit the idea...
Yes, I'd like to hear them. I also had some ideas in the past to
make more of the registry. We should discuss it on the gimp-developer
or gimp-user ML and then take the results to Bugzilla or one of the



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