I took a quick stab this past weekend at trying something out.  It's not
perfect (more of a proof of concept), but it seems to work.  If someone
wants to try it out:


A couple of notes:

1. In order to query the relevant API (twitter mostly), I had to use a
server as a back-end to bridge the query.  Because WGO is a static site, I
purposely tried to avoid any server/dynamic querying.  I actually had this
working with FB w/o needing a server through JSONP, but twitter hates us.
So I use an endpoint on pixls.us just to pass the JSONP data from the

2. I queried two types of data from each service: a) posts made by the
official GIMP account and b) posts mentioning the GIMP account.

3. I _might_ be able to turn this into a single endpoint that generates an
rss/atom feed.  No promises, but if it's something that will truly be
helpful to folks I'll look into it.
pat david
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