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>I have a question about the latency with the gina
>and cubase vst/24.
>I ran the asio drivers and have a latency of 25 ms.
>Can the latency ,while recording,be reduced to o ms?
>I think that the 25 ms will ruin the timing of a song.Does
>this maen that a have to correct the 25 ms manual by pulling
>the track 25 ms forward?Is their a way so i know that i corrected
>25 ms exactly?
>Thanx Ronald

        Try it at your own risk, it worked for me, although I came back to 25ms
for the sake of 
stability :)

        1) In Start Menu / Run type Regedit
        2) Go into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 
        3) Then into SOFTWARE 
        4) ...into ECHOAUDIO / ECHOASIO 
        5) Find PREFERRED FRAME RATE and change the decimal value from 1024 to 128
        for 4ms or 64 for 3ms.  

        Try the 3ms first and see how you go, although 4ms seems far more stable
bear in mind
that each time you switch drivers, you will need to repeat this procedure,
otherwise the default
25ms will take effect. Good luck! It worked for me! 

PS: I missed all the 'make security copies of your registry files
blablabla' that no one cares about :)

SodA - Gustavo Ruiz

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