To address the issues of binaries, could we release multiple binaries of Giraph that coincide with the different versions of Hadoop?

On 1/31/12 7:44 PM, David Garcia wrote:
I think these concerns preclude the entire idea of a release.  A release
should be something that users can use as a dependency. . .like a maven
coordinate.  I think you guys should wait until you have made these
decisions. . .and then cut a binary.

On 1/31/12 5:36 PM, "Jakob Homan"<>  wrote:

I've created a candidate for our first release. It's a source release
without a binary for two reasons: first, there's still discussion
going on about what needs to be done for the NOTICE and LICENSE files
for projects that bring in transitive dependencies to the binary
and second because we're still munging our binary against three types
of Hadoop, which would mean we'd need to release three different
binary artifacts, which seems suboptimal.  Hopefully both of these
issues will be addressed by 0.2.

I've tested the release against an unsecure 20.2 cluster.  It'd be
great to test it against other configurations.  Note that we're voting
on the tag; the files are provided as a convenience.

Release notes:

Release artifacts:

Corresponding svn tag:

Our signing keys (my key doesn't seem to be being picked up by

The vote runs for 72 hours, until Friday 4pm PST.  After a successful
vote here, Incubator will vote on the release as well.


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