Hello everyone, 

I have a problem with github - namely I cannot push changes to remote 
server i.e. github because I always get "cannot spawn ssh/plink "etc etc 
errors . I am using Win7 (git installation with separate bash ) and I have 
been already trying many things with e.g. environment variables ( GIT_SSH ) 
. I have even created a topic on www.stackoverflow.com but noone was able 
to help me. 

I have used ssh installed with git or e.g. plink from putty's package but 
none of these worked . I have tried setting GIT_SSH to executables and then 
to directories with executables but none of these worked either. I know 
that there is an issue with directories with spaces so I placed exes to 
C:\Putty\ but still no go.

Please help me because I really want to try Git but I cannot even start 
since I have this problem.

kind regards, 

Patryk Małek

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