On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 03:49:23 -0700 (PDT)
Patryk Małek <malekpat...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a problem with github - namely I cannot push changes to remote 
> server i.e. github because I always get "cannot spawn ssh/plink "etc
> etc errors . I am using Win7 (git installation with separate bash )
> and I have been already trying many things with e.g. environment
> variables ( GIT_SSH ) . I have even created a topic on
> www.stackoverflow.com but noone was able to help me. 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10574267/cannot-spawn-ssh-when-connecting-to-github-but-ssh-t-gitgithub-com-works
> I have used ssh installed with git or e.g. plink from putty's package
> but none of these worked . I have tried setting GIT_SSH to
> executables and then to directories with executables but none of
> these worked either. I know that there is an issue with directories
> with spaces so I placed exes to C:\Putty\ but still no go.
> Please help me because I really want to try Git but I cannot even
> start since I have this problem.

Cc-ing to the msysgit mailing list as this question most probably
belongs there.

Please provide exact description of your setup, what commands you run
and what output they provide (copy and paste exactly). Better run the
commands with GIT_TRACE environment variable set to "1" beforehand
to produce verbose output.

Note that your post is too inconstructive as it sounds like "I've tried
a number of different combinations of different settings, none worked".
Working with remote repos works for many people both with packaged
OpenSSH client and with plink.exe from PuTTY, so try sticking to one
solution and let's start from there.
For instance, try sticking with PuTTY, verify the GIT_SSH environment
variable is correctly set (to the full path to plink.exe, possibly
double-quoted if PuTTY is installed under %ProgramFiles%),
then verify plink.exe works for you outside or Git by running something
plink.exe you@git.server "git --version"
Then re-try with Git, post what you run and what output you get.
Provide detailed info about your OS.

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