Reading your post on StackOverflow, it looks to me like you are mixing 
Cygwin/Git Bash with normal Windows paths.

I would suggest the following: 

   1. Start from scratch, remove all keys and software you set up/installed 
   2. Try Github for Windows <>. If that works, 
   at least you know it's physically possible to clone something from Github.
   3. Now decide, as Konstantin says, whether you want to use *openssh* for 
   authenticating (easier, and recommended by Github), or *Putty* (more 
   Windows GUI oriented)
      - If you go for the openssh way, follow Github's 
      - If you go for the Putty approach, follow my guide 
      - Whichever approach you pick, follow the instructions to the letter, 
      and tell us where it goes wrong, if at all. 

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