> From: peter boudewijns <ing...@gmail.com>
> I've been trying to put my filesystem for a very small busybox-based distro 
> into a git-repository. And with succes. The only strange thing I can not 
> get my head around is the following :
> When making a compressed tarball from the files from the repository (after 
> clone/checkout) I get a very much larger tar.gz-file. Size goes up from 16M 
> to 21M (!?)
> Has anyone got a clue ?

My guess is that the cloned repository isn't compressed in exactly the
same way as the original repository.

The first step would be to find out the amount of disk space occupied
by the original and the cloned repositories (using "du -s") rather
than depending on the size of the .tar files.

If you want the repository to be small, look into "git gc


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