Hi Dale,

Well, I've been reading the articles you advised. And I've done some 
extensive testing with various situations. But till now, all without the 
result I would like.
My files turned out not to be 'contaminated' with large holes, so every 
experiment with 'sparse options' (while copying, tar-ing & git-checkout) 
yielded the same result.

But just now I found out one curious thing ! After a series of trials, 
isolating (if possible) the files that are the cause of the problem I found 
one difference between these files and the rest in the filesystem.

The files that I suspect are all compiled without stripping (debug symbols 
present in the file). When I delete all these files the size of my tar-bal 
from the original filesystem is nearly the same as the one made from the 
git checkout.

So, the quest continues ..........



> Here's one explanation: 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparse_files#Sparse_files_in_Unix 
> Also, read the "du" and "cp" manual pages, looking for the words 
> "holes" and "sparse", to see situations where this matters. 
> Dale 

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