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  Subject: [git-users] Strange effect when tar-ing a cloned repository

  Hi All,

  I've been trying to put my filesystem for a very small busybox-based distro 
into a git-repository. And with succes. The only strange thing I can not get my 
head around is the following :

  When making a compressed tarball from the files from the repository (after 
clone/checkout) I get a very much larger tar.gz-file. Size goes up from 16M to 
21M (!?)

  Has anyone got a clue ?

  Thanks !!!!

The usual reason is that you 'forgot' that the git repo itself is inside the 
hidden directory .git at the top level. So you have both your working tree of 
regular files, and then you have the hidden repo storage - so you have 
everything twice, and the history as well!

Have a look at the 'git archive' command if you want just your your work tree, 
without the whole repo history.


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