Hi Philip,

Tnx for your tip. But I made 100% sure NOT to include the .git directory. 
And still I get a the difference between 2 tar-files. One made from the 
source before committing and pushing, and the second tar, made from the 
same source after cloneing and checking-out. I would expect them to be the 
same size (apart from small differences due to .gitignore etc). But an 20% 
increase is too much !



Op maandag 19 augustus 2013 21:47:15 UTC+2 schreef Philip Oakley:
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> Hi All,
> I've been trying to put my filesystem for a very small busybox-based 
> distro into a git-repository. And with succes. The only strange thing I can 
> not get my head around is the following :
> When making a compressed tarball from the files from the repository (after 
> clone/checkout) I get a very much larger tar.gz-file. Size goes up from 16M 
> to 21M (!?)
> Has anyone got a clue ?
> Thanks !!!!
> PeTer
> The usual reason is that you 'forgot' that the git repo itself is inside 
> the hidden directory .git at the top level. So you have both your working 
> tree of regular files, and then you have the hidden repo storage - so you 
> have everything twice, and the history as well!
> Have a look at the 'git archive' command if you want just your your work 
> tree, without the whole repo history.
> Philip

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