in-line :-

"if I'm getting it right, there is a read only repo that you want to
take home. In this case, git-bundle is good for you. Follow the
git-bundle man-page, where R1 should be the read only repo, and R2
your home repo." - Gergely Polonkai

Dear Gergely,
This is way over my head. I haven't used git-bundle ever. But since
you have taken the pain of sharing the above, lemme try to see how to
do it.

First, create the initial bundle:

"cd R1
git bundle create /home/you/file.bundle master

As you don't have write access, you can't create tags, so you will
have to write down the last commit hash. " - Gergely Polonkai

I do not know what

cd R1 you mean by ?

should I create a directory and name it R1 or what ?

~/games$ pwd

~/games$ mkdir R1

~/games/R1$ git bundle create /home/shirish/file.bundle master
fatal: Need a repository to create a bundle.

and therein is my issue, maybe we could use it with this specific repo.

And the latest commit is :-


or the short version

e91152cefb by dorkster.

I have omitted/snipped the rest because till I don't understand the
beginning itself, the rest is not going to make much sense to me.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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