in-line :-

On 8/26/13, Gergely Polonkai <> wrote:
> Knowing that we are speaking of a GitHub repo, here you go:
> git clone flare-game
> This will create a directory called flare-game. Now if you can just take
> home this directory home, you are finished already, as the only thing you
> need to do to update is to bring back this directory to work (netcafé,
> friend's home, whatever place with internet connection) and do a git pull
> inside it.

My issue is wherever I do a git clone, most of the time it fails
because the repo. is big . I do exactly these two commands :-

a. git clone
flare-game (for cloning)

b. ~/games/flare-game$ git pull origin master

This works great as usually the diffs. between any two commits are
usually small, maybe a few MB at the most.

so correct me if I heard you right. . If I'm understanding what you
are saying is :-

a. Do git clone
flare-game and let it break wherever it break (due to network

b. Then go inside $flare-game and just do git pull. What happens if
it's not able to pull fully? Would it resume.

 As shared before this repo. is pretty big (relatively) around 600 MB
of commits which on my pathetic 256 Kbps line takes eons.

If that is the way out, then it makes my day.

> The best part is that the flare-game directory is a fully functional git
> repository, thus, you can clone it, or even commit to it (you only won't be
> able to push back your changes to GitHub), anything you like.
> Cheers!
> Gergely


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