This topic has been covered before, but not quite to the problem I have:

basic Q: *command line to get SHA of file immediately prior to <tagname> 
without using dates?*

Linux environment.
My user insists on command-line ( he's the boss); he's used to CVS and its 
weird revision numbers per file.
Git doesn't  make a SHA for an unchanged file just because I swooped in and 
tagged the whole tree.
gitk shows the succession of commits and shows where each file's commit is 
between tags in the sequence.

This is his complaint:
  git ls-tree -r <tagname>

   - snip -
   100644 blob 990c3e0f7efc8ddf869dbb39ba0065c9e9578df4    rmapi_bcmxlat.c

   root@oa4-hv-B1net:bcm# git log rmapi_bcmxlat.c | grep 990c3e0f7ef
   There is no such SHA in git log output

*Ultimately he wants to know which version of a file was in the tag.*

git diff <tagname> filename  shows the diff, but that doesn't seem to 
satisfy his needs.


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