On Tuesday, June 10, 2014 11:55:04 AM UTC-7, Dale Worley wrote:
> I think what will work is: 
> 1) Find the first commit before the tag that has a different content 
> for the file: 
> $ git log -n 1 <tagname>^ -- <filename> 
> commit b3282e06e39e1ddaa44806eadbfac06a19fabe09 
> ... 
> 2) Find the SHA of the file as it is in that commit 
> $ git ls-tree <commit> -- <filename> 
> 100644 blob <filehash>        <filename> 
> 3) Get the contents of the file within that commit 
> $ git cat-file blob <filehash> 
> Dale 

Yes thats what he wants, I think. He'll use it to step back through commits 
to see when a bug was introduced.

I still don't understand what the commit-SHA given out by git ls-tree is 
for? If it doesn't correspond to a commit on the file as seen in git log, 
what's it used for?


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