On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 8:09:44 AM UTC-7, Dale Worley wrote:
> > From: John Fisher <fisho...@gmail.com <javascript:>> 
> > I still don't understand what the commit-SHA given out by git ls-tree is 
> > for? If it doesn't correspond to a commit on the file as seen in git 
> log, 
> > what's it used for? 
> The *commit* has a SHA, and that is what is listed in the git-log 
> entry for the commit. 

yes, per file

> The commit points to a *file tree*, which has its own SHA. 

yes, in this case a commit as a tag with its own SHA 

> The file tree points to all of the *file objects", each of which has 
> its own SHA. 

yes as listed in git log and an alternate list in git ls-tree


> Every commit contains the complete set of files that are in the file 
> tree at the moment the commit is made. 


> git-ls-tree, when given the SHA of a commit, lists the SHAs of the 
> file objects pointed to by the file tree that is pointed to by the 
> commit. 

*but that output does not agree with git log!*


> Dale 

Thanks for helping Dale. No doubt there is something essential I don't 
What I am asking about is here copied out of my tree. 1.2 is a tag of 

$ git ls-tree -r 1.2  | grep rmapi_bcmxlat.c
100644 blob 990c3e0f7efc8ddf869dbb39ba0065c9e9578df4    rmapi_bcmxlat.c
$ git log rmapi_bcmxlat.c | grep 990c3e0f7ef
$     ( *no match!)*

My expectation is to get the result from the command you suggested ( the 
boss likes it BTW)

$ git log -n 1 1.2 rmapi_bcmxlat.c
commit 1d01be262f785dbf38ce3a22a54b99bdcb6ff620


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