On Monday, June 9, 2014 12:36:57 PM UTC-7, Dale Worley wrote:
> You're not clear what the question is.  You ask "which version of a 
> file is in the tag" and the answer is "the version with hash 
> 990c3e0f7efc8ddf869dbb39ba0065c9e9578df4". 
> Do you mean "Which commit introduced that version of that file?", 
> "What are the contents of that file in that tag?" ... ? 
> Dale 

The SHA for the tag is not the SHA for the individual file. OK thats 
obvious to experienced Git users, and the main point here. He wants to know 
what the SHA for the file is just prior to the tag, (shown in Gitk BTW) . I 
have shown him how to get the contents of a file by tag, but he wants the 
SHA. ls-tree does not satisfy this as it associates a SHA with the file, a 
SHA that is not listed in git log output.

Why does ls-tree do this?
How can he get a SHA listed in git log, that was created just before the 
tag? ( without using dates which are FU'ed for extraneous reasons)

Hope thats clearer, thanks. 

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