Le mercredi 11 juin 2014 18:50:07 UTC+2, John Fisher a écrit :

> yes
>> git-ls-tree, when given the SHA of a commit, lists the SHAs of the 
>> file objects pointed to by the file tree that is pointed to by the 
>> commit. 
> *but that output does not agree with git log!*

You're confusing two different notions. Git objects can be of two types: 
*blob* and *tree*. Each of them have a unique SHA1 to identify them. You 
can think of blob objects as *"files"* and tree objects as *"folders"* to 
get an overview of how they're organised.
Basically, blob objects contain changes, and tree objects contain objects 
(blobs or trees) -- just like files contain content (text, binary etc) and 
folders contain files or folders. The git-log command will show you the top 
tree objects, the commits, whereas git-ls-tree will show you what objects 
the given tree object contains (hence the difference of SHA1s).

I suggest to read this page from Git-Scm's book on git objects 
<http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Internals-Git-Objects>if you want further 
informations on the subject.

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