Martin Langhoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> After having done a cvs import of Moodle using git-cvsimport-script
> all the cvs branches show up as heads. How do I switch heads within a
> checkout? cogito doesn't seem to be able to, and I'm unsure on how to
> do it with git.

The documentation may be quite sketchy on this front.

I do not speak for Pasky, so Cogito may treat them a little
differently, but at the core GIT level, you can treat branches
and heads synonymously.

What you have recorded in .git/refs/heads/frotz file is the SHA1
object name of the commit that is at the top of "frotz" branch.
When your .git/HEAD symlink points at refs/heads/nitfol, your
working tree is said to be on "nitfol" branch.

You switch branches by using "git checkout".  You can create a
new branch using "git checkout -b newbranch commit-id".  You
examine which branch you are on by "readlink .git/HEAD".  As you
already found out, you can merge branches with "git resolve
master other-branch 'comment'".  The last one is briefly covered
by the tutorial.

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