Hi, Linus Torvalds wrote:

>> There may be some surprises in here! gitk --all shows at least one
>> branch opening and merging back into origin, and it has figured it out
>> correctly
> Oh, wow. The new cvsimport is obviously being a hell of a lot smarter
> than my original one was. Goodie.

Umm, actually, no, cvsimport doesn't do merges. Dunno where Martin got his
from, but it wasn't me. ;-)

> Sven, Matthias, opinions? I've never used CVS keyword expansion, and 
> always felt it was pointless, but hey..

I have intentionally kept keyword expansion on when I wrote the code,
because matching up the files from CVS with files gathered from tarballs,
Debian repositories, and what-not, becomes a whole lot easier that way.

For me, that's a major use case, esp. with CVS getting confused about its
tags (as people haphazardly copy whole subtrees from one CVS repository
into a different one).

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