On 8/15/05, Matthias Urlichs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Umm, actually, no, cvsimport doesn't do merges. Dunno where Martin got his
> from, but it wasn't me. ;-)

Just wishful thinking, and a viewing things on a remote box over a
slow x11-over-ssh connection. When I think about it, it doesn't seem
possible either, so I better stop dreaming.

> > Sven, Matthias, opinions? I've never used CVS keyword expansion, and
> > always felt it was pointless, but hey..
> I have intentionally kept keyword expansion on when I wrote the code,
> because matching up the files from CVS with files gathered from tarballs,
> Debian repositories, and what-not, becomes a whole lot easier that way.

Makes sense in that context. On the other hand, if you are you're
migrating a project from cvs to git, getting rid of the noise is good.

And the resulting git repo will actually let you do trivial merges of
old commits after you've switched -- otherwise every file-level merge
will conflict, as it does in cvs when you don't use -kk.


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