> Just do
>         git checkout branch-name
> to switch between them.

thanks! I was doing cg-branch-chg branch-name and it wasn't working.

> So in a cvsimport, you'll never see a merge back to the head, even if one
> technically took place.

There may be some surprises in here! gitk --all shows at least one
branch opening and merging back into origin, and it has figured it out
correctly: that was a feature branch where people worked on for a
while and merged back. I haven't had time to explore it more, but it
looks promising.

Except for the keyword expansion. surely there's a way to tell cvsps
to not do it. Why would we ever want it?

> > And I am confused about the difference between heads and branches.
> Confusion of naming.
> branches and heads are the same thing in git. 

right. There are two separate directories in .git for them, so I was
misled by that. Should I assume git is safe from name clashes or is it
up to porcelain to deal with such minutiae?

> They are "proper branches", and sorry about the confusion. 

Don't worry! Means I'll have to wake up and pay attention from now on...


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