After having done a cvs import of Moodle using git-cvsimport-script
all the cvs branches show up as heads. How do I switch heads within a
checkout? cogito doesn't seem to be able to, and I'm unsure on how to
do it with git.

And I am confused about the difference between heads and branches. Git
and cogito seem  prepared to merge across the heads (using cg-update
for instance, when pointed to a different head merged it in, rather
than switched to it), that would match a workflow where a group of
people maintain very closely related heads and merge constantly

Branches don't seem to have the same expectation or support in the
toolset. Why? What makes a branch different from a head, apart from
the fact that they would be expected to drift further apart?

In any case, should the cvsimport turn cvs branches into git branches
instead of heads? Is there are way to turn a head into a proper


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