Michael G Schwern <schw...@pobox.com> writes:

> A big one is "do not blast 10 emails to a mailing list" but I gather that's ok
> here if a submission needs 10 commits to be well expressed and its done via
> git-send-email?  And then if patch #3 needs revision I'm to do it in a rebase
> and resend the whole 10 commits?  Am I to think of git-send-email less as a
> means of sending patches to a mailing list and more as a git transport 
> mechanism?

Yes, yes and whatever (even though I think send-email is just a
better MUA/MSA when you want to send patches and isn't restricted
for a _git_ transport, I do not think it matters how you look at it).

> I'm trying to bust it up into easier to digest pieces.  I came into this cold
> without much knowledge of the problem ("something to do with
> canonicalization") and no knowledge of the code.

Perhaps it is a good idea to lurk and see how others submit their
topics first?
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