Michael G Schwern wrote:

> I'm trying to bust it up into easier to digest pieces.

I have a crazy idea.  You might not like it, but maybe it's worth giving
it a try.

> The Git::SVN extraction is more complicated than the rest, so I'll probably do
> that separately and bust it up into a few commits.

All of these changes are supposed to have zero functional effect,

Could you send the first five patches that *are* supposed to have a
functional effect?  I know that they will not apply cleanly to git-svn
from git "master" or on top of each other; that's fine with me.  If
the approach looks right, interested people (read: probably Ben or I :))
can make the corresponding change in the code layout from "master".
Afterwards, we can look into all that refactoring to make later
changes easier.

What do you think?

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