Michael G Schwern wrote:

> While I use git heavily I'm not invested in working on it.  I work on a lot of
> projects.  I'd like to be able to do the work, submit it, work through review,
> and get out without joining another mailing list and studying their culture.

An alternative approach would be to _just_ explain how your patch
series works, and then say

        "Ok, here is the git branch.  Have fun with it.  If someone wants to
        incorporate it, that's great.  Let me know if you have any questions."

That's totally fine.  Then someone else can submit the patches and
help to massage the patches into a form that is ready for application
on your behalf.

> Is there a document I could look at for submitting a large body of work, or
> could I help improve SubmittingPatches to document the process better?

I thought SubmittingPatches did describe how to send patch series.
Could you point to the section that was lacking?  Or are you just
still in disbelief that people review each patch in a thread, one by
one, sending emails to each other?

Grateful but impatient,
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