On 2012.7.24 3:02 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> The Git::SVN extraction is more complicated than the rest, so I'll probably 
>> do
>> that separately and bust it up into a few commits.
> All of these changes are supposed to have zero functional effect,
> right?

Right.  They're just class extraction refactoring.  I don't even need to make
new classes, they already exist.  It's just moving them into their own file.

> Could you send the first five patches that *are* supposed to have a
> functional effect?  I know that they will not apply cleanly to git-svn
> from git "master" or on top of each other; that's fine with me.  If
> the approach looks right, interested people (read: probably Ben or I :))
> can make the corresponding change in the code layout from "master".
> Afterwards, we can look into all that refactoring to make later
> changes easier.
> What do you think?

I think that would be a lot of extra work for me, create a big mess and be
harder to understand. :-/

Since I'm creating new files to store the classes, the functional changes
cannot be applied without the class extractions, so I'd have to rewrite them.
 And they will be harder to review since the main git-svn code and the class
code is mixed up in one file.  And they won't have unit tests, since git-svn
cannot be loaded without it running.

The Git::SVN extraction isn't really complicated, it just requires a handful
more work than the other classes.  Just a few method extractions.  The rest
are essentially cut, paste & fix lexicals.

I'm not sure what you're going for, but you can glance through the existing
changes here

or you can do grab it as a remote and...

  git log -p schwern/git-svn/extract-classes..schwern/git-svn/fix-canonical

That should give you the information you need... if I understand what you
need.  I feel like I don't and we're talking past each other.

Ahh email, my old friend.  Do you know that revenge is a dish that is best
served cold?  And it is very cold on the Internet!
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