Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Michael G Schwern wrote:
>>   git log -p schwern/git-svn/extract-classes..schwern/git-svn/fix-canonical
>> That should give you the information you need...
> I guess so.  May we have your sign-off on these changes?  (A simple
> reply of "yes" is enough, no need to resend patches to do this.)
> Here it is in patch form for reviewers.  If I understand correctly,
> the idea is to replace accesses to $gs->{path} with calls to a
> $gs->path function that canonicalizes (and likewise for s/path/url/).
> There are probably other subtleties, but that seems to be the gist.

The impression I am getting is that the updated code wants to handle
URL and paths without any funny encoding, but it is unclear from my
cursory read (e.g. what goes on with escape_url?).

>       if ($old_url =~ m#^svn(\+ssh)?://# ||
>           ($full_url =~ m#^https?://# &&
> -          escape_url($full_url) ne $full_url)) {
> +          $full_url ne $full_url)) {

How can the latter part of this conditional be true?
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