Johannes Schindelin <> wrote:

>Junio wanted a more general solution, adding infrastructure to the
>rev-list engine that I did not need -- and did not see the need for,
>either -- and given the amount of time I had invested in a working
>remote-hg and given that I needed it desperately for my day-job
>project, ...

This is relatively long ago (and I am away from my machine, so I cannot check) 
so I may misremembering things, but my impression is that since that 
discussion, we added a minimal "infrastructure" to the rev-list (I think we 
caled it rev-list-cmdline or something like that) and Sverre used it to update 

It may well be that what we have is still not sufficient to do everything you 
need, but it may be close enough to get extended for your original use case.
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