Ralf Thielow venit, vidit, dixit 28.11.2012 19:22:
>> Hi Ralf,
>> This is the middle third of my review.  Sorry for the long wait!  I hope
>> it can still be useful.
> Hi Thomas,
> no problem. Thanks for your review. Of course it's very useful.
> Some of the mistakes I made are so obvious that I can't say what
> I've had in mind when translation these messages :/ But some aren't,
> so thanks for the further explanations within your review.
>> I don't really share your apparent aversion to just using "<n>" :-)
> I don't really have one :) so I'm fine with using <n>.
>> This would be a good time to settle on a good translation for
>> "rewriting".  Perhaps "neu schreiben".  "Überschreiben" to me implies
> On some other places we actually use "neu schreiben".

How about "umschreiben"? "neu schreiben" is more like "write from
scratch", whereas "rewrite" is more often about taking a given base and
modifying it.

>>> -msgstr ""
>>> +msgstr "erzeugt kleinere Pakete"
>> Smaller is not really the point: they are packs that do not have the
> [...]
>> You could call them "abgespeckt" ;-)
> I used "dünner"!?
> Furthermore I've unified the translation of "email" to "Email",
> not "eMail". You'll see the result below. I hope I haven't missed
> something.
> Thanks,
> Ralf
> ---
>  po/de.po | 95 
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
>  1 file changed, 47 insertions(+), 48 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/po/de.po b/po/de.po
> index fe6e8cf..1a75ea2 100644
> --- a/po/de.po
> +++ b/po/de.po
>  #: builtin/fsck.c:608
>  msgid "git fsck [options] [<object>...]"
> @@ -4521,7 +4521,7 @@ msgstr "erzeugt Kopfknoten des Referenzprotokolls 
> (Standard)"
>  #: builtin/fsck.c:620
>  msgid "also consider packs and alternate objects"
> -msgstr "betrachtet auch Pakete und wechselnde Objekte"
> +msgstr ""

"alternate objects" (hopefully) don't change much, so that "wechselnde"
is misleading.

Is there a set translation standard for the "alternative object store"
mechanism in git (alternates)? Otherwise "alternative Objekte" may be
choice which is close to the original and conveys the aspect that they
are objects from an alternative store.

>  #: builtin/grep.c:817
>  msgid "indicate hit with exit status without output"
> -msgstr "kennzeichnet Übereinstimmungen mit Beendigungsstatus, ohne Ausgabe"
> +msgstr "zeigt Übereinstimmungen mit Beendigungsstatus, ohne Ausgabe"

maybe "zeigt Übereinstimmungen nur durch Beendigungsstatus an"

"mit" sounds like "including", "additionally". Also, nothing is shown
("zeigt"), but something is indicated ("zeigt an").

>  #: builtin/log.c:102
>  msgid "decorate options"
> -msgstr "Ausgabeoptionen"
> +msgstr "decorate Optionen"

"decorate-Optionen" (unless we want to match the standard set by the bad
old K&R translation ;) )

>  #: builtin/log.c:1098
>  msgid "add To: header"
> -msgstr "fügt Kopfteil \"To:\" hinzu"
> +msgstr "fügt  \"To:\" Header hinzu"

Here and in the following I'd a "-", e.g.

msgstr "fügt  \"To:\"-Header hinzu"

>  #: builtin/log.c:1100
>  msgid "add Cc: header"
> -msgstr "fügt Kopteil \"Cc:\" hinzu"
> +msgstr "fügt \"Cc:\" Header hinzu"
> -"lädt Konfiguration für <Kommando> beim Überschreiben von Versionen "
> +"lädt Konfiguration für <Kommando> beim Neuschreiben von Versionen "
>  "(impliziert --stdin)"

"Umschreiben" (if that becomes the agreed upon term for "rewrite").

Just my two Pfennig ;)

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