Hi Ralf

Here is the final third of my review.

>  #: builtin/prune-packed.c:7
>  msgid "git prune-packed [-n|--dry-run] [-q|--quiet]"
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "git prune-packed [-n|--dry-run] [-q|--quite]"
typo at the far end

>  #: builtin/prune.c:133
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid "report pruned objects"
> -msgstr "kann Objekt %s nicht lesen"
> +msgstr "meldet entfernte Objekte"

If you translate "pruned" as "gelöscht" or some such, that avoids the
ambiguity with "remote".

>  #: builtin/prune.c:136
>  msgid "expire objects older than <time>"
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "lässt Objekte älter als <Zeit> verfallen"

"verfallen" is nice!

>  #: builtin/push.c:391
>  msgid "check"
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "Überprüfung"

I think the original string should not be translatable to begin with.
The manpage says

      Make sure all submodule commits used by the revisions to be pushed
      are available on a remote tracking branch. If *check* is used git
      will verify that all submodule commits that changed in the
      revisions to be pushed are available on at least one remote of the
      submodule. If any commits are missing the push will be aborted and
      exit with non-zero status. If *on-demand* is used all submodules
      that changed in the revisions to be pushed will be pushed. If
      on-demand was not able to push all necessary revisions it will
      also be aborted and exit with non-zero status.

So 'check' is not translatable.

>  #: builtin/push.c:395 builtin/push.c:396
>  msgid "receive pack program"
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "Programm zum Empfangen von Paketen"

Or perhaps "'receive-pack' Programm".

>  #: builtin/read-tree.c:111
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid "only empty the index"
> -msgstr "Konnte die Bereitstellung nicht lesen"
> +msgstr "leert nur die Bereitstellung"

"Only" here means it doesn't read-a-tree, but empty the index.  So
dropping the "nur" would probably be better.

  #: builtin/remote.c:11
>  msgid "git remote [-v | --verbose]"
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "git remove [-v | --verbose]"

>  #: builtin/remote.c:173
>  msgid "set up remote as a mirror to push to or fetch from"
>  msgstr ""
> +"Aufsetzen der Fernarchivs als Spiegelarchiv zum Versenden und Anfordern"

>  "Run \"git rev-parse --parseopt -h\" for more information on the first 
> usage."
>  msgstr ""
> +"git rev-parse --parseopt [Optionen] -- [<Argumente>...]\n"
> +"   or: git rev-parse --sq-quote [<Argumente>...]\n"
> +"   or: git rev-parse [Optionen] [<Argumente>...]\n"
> +"\n"
> +"Führe \"git rev-parse --parseopt -h\" für weitere Informationen bei erster "
> +"Verwendung aus."

Should use 'oder:' in the case split, shouldn't it?

>  #: builtin/rm.c:134
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid "do not list removed files"
> -msgstr "Kann geänderte Dateien nicht aus der Bereitstellung herausnehmen"
> +msgstr "listet keine entfernten Dateien auf"

Again removed->gelöscht or some such avoids an ambiguity.

>  #: builtin/show-branch.c:651
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid "show remote-tracking and local branches"
> -msgstr "Kein externer Übernahmezweig für %s von %s"
> +msgstr "zeigt externer Übernahmezweige und lokale Zweige an"
>  #: builtin/show-branch.c:653
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid "show remote-tracking branches"
> -msgstr "Kein externer Übernahmezweig für %s von %s"
> +msgstr "zeigt externer Übernahmezweige an"


>  #: builtin/tag.c:464
> -#, fuzzy
>  msgid "use another key to sign the tag"
> -msgstr "konnte Markierung nicht signieren"
> +msgstr "benutzt einen Schlüssel um die Markierung zu signieren"

The original says *another* -- maybe

  benutzt einen anderen Schlüssel um die Markierung zu signieren

>  #: builtin/update-index.c:750
>  msgid "mark files as \"not changing\""
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "markiert Dateien als \"not changing\""

Neither original nor translation are very helpful.  Maybe

  Always assume this file to be unchanged
  Betrachte diese Datei immer als unverändert

>  #: builtin/update-index.c:756
>  msgid "mark files as \"index-only\""
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "markiert Dateien als \"index-only\""

Likewise, but here I don't even understand what the manpage is trying to
tell me, in particular I don't see how it would be different from
assume-unchanged.  Maybe "see manpage" would be the best documentation.

>  #: builtin/update-index.c:776
>  msgid "repopulate stages #2 and #3 for the listed paths"
>  msgstr ""
> +"wiederholte Ausführung der Phasen #2 und #3 für die aufgelisteten Pfade"

ISTR we settled on something for 'stage', but it's not in the glossary.
Either way I don't think this is it.  "Ausführung der Phasen" would mean
that it's some part of a process, whereas the stages are a state.

Yay, that's it.  Even in three parts it was tedious, and I cannot begin
to imagine what *writing* 825 new translations must have felt like.
Thanks for your work!

- Thomas

Thomas Rast
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