Ralf Thielow venit, vidit, dixit 03.12.2012 05:48:
> Thanks Thomas and Michael!
> 2012/11/30 Thomas Rast <tr...@inf.ethz.ch>:
>>>  #: builtin/update-index.c:756
>>>  msgid "mark files as \"index-only\""
>>> -msgstr ""
>>> +msgstr "markiert Dateien als \"index-only\""
>> Likewise, but here I don't even understand what the manpage is trying to
>> tell me, in particular I don't see how it would be different from
>> assume-unchanged.  Maybe "see manpage" would be the best documentation.
> I'm not really sure what to do with it. In this version (see below) I kept
> it. Did you mean we should add "(siehe Hilfeseite)" or something in the
> translation, or does it belong to the original message and the translation
> would just follow?

I'd say the translation above is fine, and no matter what language the
user messages are in, the user would have to consult the man page for
this very special feature, but I don't think we have to say so explicitly.

>>> +"wiederholte Ausführung der Phasen #2 und #3 für die aufgelisteten Pfade"
>> ISTR we settled on something for 'stage', but it's not in the glossary.
>> Either way I don't think this is it.  "Ausführung der Phasen" would mean
>> that it's some part of a process, whereas the stages are a state.
> I've changed it to
> "wiederholtes Einpflegen der Zustände #2 und #3 für die aufgelisteten Pfade"
> What do you think?
> ---
>  po/de.po | 123 
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
>  1 file changed, 61 insertions(+), 62 deletions(-)
>  #: builtin/fsck.c:620
>  msgid "also consider packs and alternate objects"
> -msgstr "betrachtet auch Pakete und wechselnde Objekte"
> +msgstr ""

Oops ;)

>  #: builtin/push.c:391
>  msgid "check"
> -msgstr "Überprüfung"
> +msgstr ""

Is this meant to omit the text? (I may have missed the pertaining

>  #: builtin/update-index.c:753
>  msgid "clear assumed-unchanged bit"
> @@ -8568,7 +8567,7 @@ msgstr "fügt Einträge von der Standard-Eingabe der 
> Bereitstellung hinzu"
>  #: builtin/update-index.c:776
>  msgid "repopulate stages #2 and #3 for the listed paths"
>  msgstr ""
> -"wiederholte Ausführung der Phasen #2 und #3 für die aufgelisteten Pfade"
> +"wiederholtes Einpflegen der Zustände #2 und #3 für die aufgelisteten Pfade"

I can't seem to find the other occurence in de.po, but state should be
the same as in

"copy out the files from named stage" (checkout-index).

"Zustand" seems to be appropriate.

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