2013/1/1 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> "David A. Greene" <gree...@obbligato.org> writes:
>> From: Techlive Zheng <techlivezh...@gmail.com>
>> Use %B to format the commit message and body to avoid an extra newline
>> if a commit only has a subject line.
> Is this an unconditional improvement, or is it generally an
> improvement but for some users it may be a regression?  I am
> guessing it is the former but am just making sure.

This patch will make sure the commits in the result branch by using
`git-subtree split` stays intact as they were in the original branch.

This patch will break the current existing branch that splitted before
this patch, becuase these branches were splitted with the wrongly
altered commit messages.

Maybe a fallback option should be added to make sure these branches
could still be updated.

Though, this patch defintely should be merged, becuase no one expects
his commit message be altered durging the splitting process.
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