"Jean-Noël AVILA" <jn.av...@free.fr> writes:

> At least, "it works for me".

I suspect that your approach will still not fix the case in which
you build a branch with a new command git-check-ignore, and then
check out another branch that does not yet have that command without
first running "make clean".

Does the following really pass with your patch?

        git checkout origin/next
        git checkout origin/maint
        git apply your_patch.mbox
        cd t && sh ./t9902-completion.sh

> +     __git_cmdlist () { git help -a| egrep -m 1 -B1000 PATH | egrep '^  
> [a-zA-Z0-9]'; }

'egrep' is not even in POSIX in the first place but grep -E ought to
be a replacement for it, so I'll let it pass, but "-m1 -B1000"?
Please stay within portable options.

    git help -a |
    sed -n -e '/^  [a-z]/p' -e '/^git commands available from elsewhere/q'/'

might be a good enough substitute, I think, if we were to take your
approach, but I suspect it needs a lot more to limit the output in
the test mode.

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