Jean-Noël Avila <> writes:

> Le 22/01/2013 05:31, Junio C Hamano a écrit :
>> Jeff King <>  writes:
>>> I really hate to suggest this, but should it be more like:
>>> if test -z "$FAKE_COMMAND_LIST"; then __git_cmdlist() { git help -a
>>> | egrep '^ [a-zA-Z0-9]' } else __git_cmdlist() { printf '%s'
>>> That gives us a nice predictable starting point for actually
>>> testing the completion code. The downside is that it doesn't let
>>> us test that we remain compatible with the output of "help -a".
> ...
> Instead of imposing the list of command, we could use the command
> list argument to filter the ouput of git help -a. This would ensure that the
> completions we want to test are still present in the installation while
> still restricting them to the test case.

In order to "filter the output", you still need to know how output
from "git help -a" looks like, and adjust the code to filter when
the shape of the output changes.  The effort to do so is pretty
similar to the amount of effort needed to maintain FAKE_COMMAND_LIST
to look like the output from "git help -a".  It is of dubious value
compared to the simplicity of "printf" FAKE_COMMAND_LIST approach, I
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