Jeff King <> writes:

> This looks good to me.
> The only thing I might add is a test just to double-check that "git help
> -a" is parsed correctly. Like:
>   test_expect_success 'command completion works without test harness' '
>            GIT_TESTING_COMMAND_COMPLETION= run_completion "git bun" &&
>            grep "^bundle\$" out
>   '
> (we know we are running bash here, so the one-shot variable is OK to be
> used with a function).

I think you meant "^bundle $" there, but don't we have the same
problem when there is an end-user subcommand "git bunny"?

Ahh, ok, we show one element per line and just make sure "bundle"
is there, and we do not care what other buns appear in the output.

Will squash in, then.

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