John Keeping wrote:
> Meaning that every repository using submodules need to have a flag day
> when all of the people using it switch to the new Git version at once?

No, I would be totally against a migration that involves a flag-day.
What I meant is that having old-style submodule side-by-side with
new-style submodules is confusing (think about people using an older
version and getting confused), and that we should disallow it.  Users
will still be able to use existing repositories with new versions of
git with a few caveats:
1. They won't be able to add new new submodules without migrating all
existing submodules.
2. git ls-tree will show the in-tree object incorrectly as a link (ie.
not commit).

That's about it, I think.  Obviously, everyone working on the
repository has to upgrade to a new version of git before they can use
new-style submodules.

> I think you need a much better argument than "it makes the
> implementation more beautiful" to convince users that a flag day is
> necessary.

There is no flag day necessary, and that is not my argument at all:
new-style submodules brings lots of new functionality to the table.
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