On Sun, Apr 07, 2013 at 10:12:28PM +0530, Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> John Keeping wrote:
> > Meaning that every repository using submodules need to have a flag day
> > when all of the people using it switch to the new Git version at once?
> No, I would be totally against a migration that involves a flag-day.
> What I meant is that having old-style submodule side-by-side with
> new-style submodules is confusing (think about people using an older
> version and getting confused), and that we should disallow it.  Users
> will still be able to use existing repositories with new versions of
> git with a few caveats:
> 1. They won't be able to add new new submodules without migrating all
> existing submodules.
> 2. git ls-tree will show the in-tree object incorrectly as a link (ie.
> not commit).
> That's about it, I think.  Obviously, everyone working on the
> repository has to upgrade to a new version of git before they can use
> new-style submodules.

So not a flag day, but still some point at which the repository
transitions to "will not work with Git older than version X".  And if
you need to add a new submodule then you cannot delay that transition
any longer.

> > I think you need a much better argument than "it makes the
> > implementation more beautiful" to convince users that a flag day is
> > necessary.
> There is no flag day necessary, and that is not my argument at all:
> new-style submodules brings lots of new functionality to the table.

I haven't seen anywhere a concise list of what functionality this is.
Do you have a simple bulleted list of what new features this would
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